10 Best Things About Having Siblings

I am fortunate enough to have two younger brothers who (most of the time) I love and adore. The older one, Finn, is 15 and annoys the hell out of me, but is also absolutely hilarious. The younger one, Linus, is very cute and also very weird. I thought I would do a blog about what the 10 best things of having them around are.

  • They are always available to take stupid snap chats when you're feeling bored. Linus and Finn are both great for this, but Linus tends to be available more often.

  • Christmas just wouldn't be the same without the board games, and nothing beats a bit of sibling rivalry when it comes down to it. This Christmas in particular was great as I got to witness my brothers being pie faced.

  • You get absolute gems of throwbacks, such as this one where Finn is really not enjoying the paddling pool.

  • They are often at hand to take *off guard* photos of you (this one feature's my grandparent's dog).

  • Although as the oldest I am often chauffeur to my brothers, it's worth it for sights like this one.

  • In fact, their choice of outfits is often a source of amusement.

  • They never forget your birthday.

  • And are happy to pose for a snap chat story at *all* times.
  • And their school pictures are great to make fun of. They don't mind (too much).

  • And last but not least, they make every snow day 100000 times more fun!