German Easter Traditions the British are Lacking

I am half German which means I get to take part in millions of fun Easter traditions that haven't made it to England yet which is a real shame really! So I decided to make a list of my top 5 in case anyone want to try them.

  1. Egg Hunts. I realise that in recent years, these have come to Britain as well but they aren't the same. In Germany, millions of tiny eggs are hidden, instead of 1 big one so the experience is so much more fun. My family (fortunately) doesn't think I'm too old for this tradition so I am allowed to hunt too, despite being 18 now.
  2. Easter Trees. The concept is the same as a Christmas Tree, except instead of baubles you decorate it with eggs. Any tree or branch will do, not just evergreens. Most families do a large one outdoors with plastic eggs and a small one indoors with real eggs which have been blown out and painted on to.
  3. Easter Fires. On Easter Saturday, German's have a huge bonfire to burn the spirits of winter, and whole families or communities come together, like on bonfire night in the UK. They drink beer, and catch up with friends and eat barbecued bratwurst. 
  4. Easter Church. This is still a big thing in Germany and the whole community goes to church in the morning to sing hymns and afterwards they drink coffee together and catch up before heading home to their families.
  5. Easter Nests. Children are encouraged to gather moss and twigs on Easter Saturday to make an easter nest, in which the easter bunny will lay a small gift (or if you're spoiled like me, a few small gifts) for them to collect on Easter Sunday