LookFantastic Beauty Box // April 2017

This month's beautiful box has the theme of 'Natural Beauty', and has a really pretty spring-like colour scheme. If you don't notice, I've been experimenting with a slightly different photography method, so feel free to let me know your thoughts! Surprisingly, there were 7 (!) products inside the box, which were:

This looks REALLY tinted in the tube, but the colour payoff is actually slightly disappointing, but quite glittery. However, the scent is okay, but reminds me of the perfume that a teacher used to wear very strongly, which is a little off-putting.

This is a mattifying foundation, which is probably due to it being baked, so the powder absorbs a lot from the skin. I think it might be slightly too orange toned for my skin, so I'd probably have to pick up the lightest shade, Porcelain (the one swatched is Fair). It creates a lovely flawless but natural finish, as it's not heavy at all, so maybe I could wear this when the sun finally comes out in the summer!

This is very luxurious feeling, and adds shine (as well as looking a little irridescent in the tube), and definitely improved the softness of my hair. It made it a little heavier, but was definitely an improvement to the slight dryness of first day hair.

This is really cute, with some little sparkly bits that disappear when you rub your hands together. I'm not sure how much of a 'beauty' product this is, and it's a little drying, but smells lovely.

It's sulphate free - which is good as there have been links to sulphates being really quite bad - and really gentle but cleansing. (It is very pricey though, so I probably wouldn't repurchase)

So apparently I smile too much or something because your girl is growing some smile lines. Mostly just after I've been smiling for a while, but still... Anyway, this smells really fresh, and I'll see how I get on with it ;)
    Okay so aside from the fact that sheet masks DISGUST me (I feel an Amber Rants coming on), this was actually pretty nice. It smelled gorgeous and aside from the gel that you're supposed to rub in being ever so slightly sticky, my skin felt amazing.

    I thought that this month's box was actually pretty good, with a nice range of makeup, skincare and haircare.