Monthly Playlist // April 2017

Coming to you somewhat late is this month's playlist, which features some beautiful songs, from a wide range of genres. I haven't been that experimental this month, as I have SO MUCH work to do that I'm basically locking myself away until June is over, but I am trying to blog more and we also have an instagram now (here).

It apparently features a lot of rap, so apologies if that's not your thing, but Drake released his new project More Life, and Kendrick Lamar returned to my radar this month with a very very good single. In other areas, Kasabian have released two new songs (probably in anticipation of an album before they headline Reading), and Harry Styles' debut solo track is out now, which I personally feel is a 7/10, but I know Klara loves and many other people hate with a passion.

Till next month, enjoy <3