Music To Watch Out For

I realised the other day that I really enjoy finding new musical artists, bands etc, introducing my friends to them, and being able to watch them as they grow. There's also nothing better than a small, (cheap), intimate concert and so I've compiled a list of a few artists that I love, that aren't massive yet, and I hope/think they will be soon! Feel free to let me know your opinion too, below.

1. clipping.
That isn't a grammar mistake, I promise, but clipping. are very very good. I actually first came across them on a Donald Trump diss album (called '30 days, 30 songs' - also containing tracks from Franz Ferdinand, Jimmy Eat World and many others), and then got really into their first and latest albums. Other people may know them as they contain the actor Daveed Diggs, who is really talented as their frontman, and I'd recommend the tracks 'Work Work' 'Taking Off' and 'Fat Fingers'.

2. Christine and the Queens
I discovered their debut album 'Chaleur Histoire' in my local record shop, as they were playing it, and loved it. I've been playing it almost non-stop, and even have got to the annoying phase of trying to persuade all of my friends to listen to them (particularly one person that I often try to convert to my music taste ever since I did it with the Japanese House and it worked <33). I bought the French version, but here is the English version of my favourite song, 'Christine', which I think was on a British tv talk show at some point recently.

3. Rationale
He's probably one of the more well known artists on this list, having appeared on a Bastille track and a few other places, but I really really like his quirky style, and think that he's a fantastic singer, so I hope he becomes huge soon!

4. Methyl Ethyl
Be warned: there's a slightly annoying noise at the end of this song, but other than that oddness, they're an interesting and chilled band, that have recently had an album out. I cannot for the life of me remember how I found them, but have a listen.

5. The Japanese House
I can't remember if Klara or I discovered them first, or if it was organically and then we spoke about it, but we both voted them our favourite new artist of 2016, and I cannot wait to see them grow. I almost got the chance last year to see them for just £10, so I'm hoping next time they won't have become so big that it's difficult to do that again! This is one of my favourite songs, and I'd recommend this whole EP, as I once described it as 'ethereal cool indie pop'!