Revision: 'Do You Spend Your Whole Life on Quizlet?'

The answer to the above question as one of my friends asked me the other day, ladies and gentlemen, is yes, I do spend my whole life on Quizlet. I actually find them a way of alleviating my stress, to make a couple of quizlets, but it gets a little maniac sometimes! But, as that would be a rather boring post, here's a round-up of some of the most effective apps that I have found for revision.

1. Quizlet:

I do actually love a good Quizlet. What this app and website are, are effective ways of making or finding flashcards and learning them. There are some interactive games as well as the flashcards, and my favourite feature is the 'learn' section, which isn't overly fussy but is a brilliant way to actually learn things!

2. Memrise:

This is particularly good for learning languages, although instead of making your own cards, you can instead find course-specific vocab, which gives it the edge over similar language apps such as Duolingo, where you learn vocab that is just in their course rathjer than a specific exam board.

3. Kahoot:

Kahoot is a crazy and fast paced game for teams, groups or classes usually, with a very very catchy theme song. It's a little laborious to make the games, but it's easy to search and use others', and it always gets competitive! 

4. Popplet:
This is a mind mapping tool, and despite not being the world's biggest fan of the old mind map, they do lend themselves well to certain topics. You can easily add images and colour using this app too.