Road Trip Destinations in Europe

I have been on quite a few road trips in the past few years, either with my school, my family or my boyfriend. This summer I am planning on a doing a few more so I thought I would do a review on some of my favourite destinations in case anyone else was planning on doing the same. Most of these are cities or villages in England and Wales but some are located around Europe as well.

1. Amsterdam. I love this city with a passion, it is gorgeous and vibrant and historical. My favourite thing that I did there was a boat tour around the city, I would highly recommend.

2. Bristol. The university buildings in particular are beautiful and it's a great area for shopping too. Check out the market area for something a bit unique.

3. Cheddar Gorge. A very tourist orientated area, lovely footpaths and cool caves to explore. My whole family loved this place.

4. London. An expensive place to visit, but so much to do there! My favourite memory of London is visiting the Tate with my Dad. 

5. Frankfurt. Such a big city with great cultural sights. Obviously must try the frankfurters while you're there.

6. Bath. I loved this city so much that I plan to live and go to university there. Of course the must see sight there is the Roman Baths, they're truly spectacular!

7. Gower Peninsula. Beautiful beaches, gorgeous countryside and isn't too busy. Also good for surfing if I remember correctly.

8. Bruges. Known for it's cobbled streets and medieval buildings, as well as it's canals. Everyone is super friendly too!

9. St. Davids. Britain's smallest city. The cathedral is beautiful and the beaches in the area are too. Also the location of the world's best ice cream shop.

10. Bourton-on-the-Water. A little village in the Cotswolds where you can shop in quaint gift shops, eat ice cream and see tiny trains. Would recommend going to see the penguins.

11. Hamburg. I go here often with my family, but on a road trip you would have to be prepared to drive a long way. Visit the Speicher Stadt and go shopping, especially if the Christmas markets are on.

12. St. Ives. One of the most beautiful towns I have ever visited. Great beaches too, and such good scones!

13. Oxford. Pretty buildings, and a great place for shopping. Try the covered market for a new experience.

14. Berlin. (Like Hamburg, quite a trip). So much sight-seeing and shopping and the ZOO! Go to the zoo.

15. Last but by no means least, Birmingham. A wonderful shopping experience, particularly at Christmas with the market on!