Things You Should Know Before Having A Piercing

While I'm not an expert in that I have a huge amount of piercings, I have four and can remember having them all done, unlike some very small children who get their ears done. In the last year, I had my belly button pierced, and more recently my forward helix, which is basically where your ear joins onto the side of your head at the top.
  1. It will hurt. People who say it won't are probably like mothers who tell other people that labour doesn't hurt: they have the beautiful veil of their shiny new piercing that blocks the memory of having it done. Cartilage hurts more than just skin but it's one of those things that is over v quick.
  2. You WILL have a moment of regret while it's healing. Whether that's because it's now uncomfortable to sleep or smile or eat or what, is location-dependent, but at some point, you'll wonder if it's worth the hassle.
  3. Saltwater solutions feel gross. Usually, you'll have to bathe your new body jewellery in a sea salt solution, and sometimes bits of crusty grossness will come off.... yeah, it's a little odd.
  4. Don't get it done with a gun. I have experienced both a gun and a needle and had a traumatic experience with the former, so I would seriously not recommend it. That and the fact that they can be way more unsanitary, and if you have your cartilage pierced, it can shatter. 
  5. Don't make price your deciding factor. You're literally having a hole poked through your skin. Treat yo'self.
  6.  Schedule it knowing what you're going to be doing. Some piercings won't like a chlorine swimming pool, so if you get it done in June just a month before your resort holiday, you may spend that whole time with it feeling awful. The safest bet is probably September onwards so that you can have it fully healed by the summer.
  7. Don't get it done for someone else. It may be for a partner, or to piss off your parents, or because all of your friends have it, but seriously, like anything, be your true self. (Also bodily autonomy is an important thing, and just generally it's an unhealthy thing to change a part of yourself for anyone else). Also, you're more likely to regret it if it wasn't actually your idea in the first place.
  8. Ask the person piercing you about future ones. If you want a triple forward helix or something, ask them to leave enough room, or even if it will be possible. Plus this helps you work out what you can do, before the agony of a failed appointment and disappointment. You may also receive some unusual compliments, such as 'you're the anatomical model for an ear' or 'ooh you have a lovely outer conch' (I have such high self-esteem about my ears now).
  9. If you have your bellybutton (officially named navel) pierced, you can then draw a mouth or curve your finger to look like one, and Snapchat recognises it as a face!