LookFantastic Beauty Box // May 2017

This month's beauty box could *not* have come at a better time: my dry, spotty, stressed and lacklustre skin needs everything I can throw at it, and this theme was all about the glow.

The box contained the following (7!) goodies:

I am always a little scared of fake tanning but looks crystal clear,  so I wasn't *too* concerned. I'm not sure how great the impact was, but I'd use this on my legs in the hopes it would inspire them to be a little less milk-white.

Okay, so this is beautiful. It's really finely pressed, and glittery, and so pretty! It's fairly light, even despite the name 'peach' (it's more of a pink) so I'd use it as a highlighting shade, and the product does dislodge quite a bit from the pot, so you have to be a little careful

I was such a cynic about this product before trying it, as I'd seen it around and heavily doubted that it could actually remove a full face. But it did: really well, although my skin was a little irritated the next day.

This smells very intense, and gorgeous, of cranberry. It's a very effective and nourishing body scrub, although I will say that it left my skin feeling a little... odd: waxy perhaps? 

This was a little bit terrifying, and took a while to get the hang of, but was very effective, and sorted out a problem patch of some dead skin on the tops of my cheeks. Thankfully, it was also fairly gentle, so after the slightly disconcerting feeling of little balls of skin forming, there wasn't any redness.

This wipe felt a little extravagant for just a random Wednesday, but made my skin look beautiful and fresh! I thought it would probably end up being ridiculously expensive, and while the wipes are not cheap, they're £19 for a pack of 20.

System Professional is one of the brands that my hair salon uses, so I've tested some of their products before. Firstly, let me say that this hair elixir smells INCREDIBLE, and secondly that it's very nourishing for hair. I always use tiny amounts of products, or my hair becomes greasy, but this really injected moisture into my recently highlighted hair.