My First Makeup Tutorial

I've never done a makeup tutorial so I thought it might be a fun idea to try. Since I'm not keen on really heavy makeup I thought I'd do a 'going out look' for people like me who like to feel dressed up without heavy makeup.

This is the look I will be showing you:

This is how my face started (excuse my grumpy expression):

For this look I started with a light layer of foundation, however I wouldn't do this in the summer because then my face would get hot. The only foundation I have found which matches my skin tone is the Isadora Hydralight one in shade 60 (pale but not completely white). This is available online for about £15. As it is matte, there isn't a need for powder for me as my face isn't particularly shiny.

Next I added concealer under my eyes and over the spots on my forehead. I then blended this with a beauty blender. I use the No.7 Match Made Concealer in Cool Ivory for easy application, available from Boots.

Next I added a light contour to just my cheeks and applied some highlight to my cheekbones. I used the Collection contour palette from Boots and the Sleek Cleopatra's Kiss highlighting palette, available at Superdrug. 

After this, I shaded in my eyebrows. I don't like my eyebrows too dark so I only add a small amount and use the Sourcil Precision pencil in shade 04 Blond Fonce. I got mine from ASOS.

Next I did my eyeshadow. My favourite palette is the Makeup Revolution Redemption Palette Iconic 1. I like it because it's cheap but also good quality. Available from Superdrug. 

These are the three colours that I used for this look:

First I applied the middle colour to my whole eyelid like so:

I then added the darker shade around the top of the lip and on my lower lid too. (Photo taken before blending to emphasise where it is):

After blending, I applied the lighter shade to the inner corner and blended that in as well:

Next I added a line of black on my top eyelid. I use a really cheap eyeliner because I fine that Kohl ones are impossible to sharpen, so expensive ones are a waste. This one is £1 from Superdrug.

Finally I added a slick of mascara. For going out makeup I always use my Benefit They're Real! mascara because it holds really well. Available from Boots or House of Fraser.

The last part of my makeup look is my lips. As mine get dry really quickly I use vaseline as my choice of lipstick, works a charm! You can get it from most drug stores.