My Month in 5 Photos: April

I realise we are quite a long way out of April now, but I just noticed that I never did my month in 5 photos post, so here it is.

This month we obviously celebrated Easter! This photo is of my brother egg hunting featuring my bunny ears :)

My brothers are both wonderful pianists and performers so in April they took part in their school talent show. Their band did the YMCA and Linus' costume was just fantastic.

I got to see penguins! These beauties are living at the bird park at Bourton-on-the-Water if you fancy visiting them sometime.

My boyfriend took me on a road trip (where I saw the penguins) which was really lovely! He also took me shopping so he gets a gold star.

As exams approach I have spent a lot of time revising or working on my art book, so that had to feature this month.