Three Ways to Make a House a Home // ad

As my time at university approaches, I have been a little worried about feeling homesick so I've started a collection of items to bring with me that will make my dorm room feel more homely. I began by buying goldfish, fairy lights and scented candles, but found that photographs were really the best way to keep a piece of home with me wherever I go. I have mentioned my love of LALALAB in some of my previous posts, and was lucky enough to be sent some free prints by them which have really helped me develop these ideas.

I have always enjoyed making scrapbooks, and my mum and her sister always used to help me when I was a kid. As I've got older my scrapbooks feature more photos and postcards than drawings of people that are really just faces with stick legs. LALALAB's prints (my favourite kind are known as vintage in the app) are perfect for adding sentimental value to a page.

Another way that I like to make my room feel more homely is photo albums. They're easy to store too, so they're perfect if you don't have much room in your house. I have a few slot in albums, but I find for displaying the polaroids I'm so keen on square shaped scrapbooks are best. I use double-sided tape to stick my prints in and add little notes on the side to help me remember the occasion.

For looking at your photos on a daily basis however, both of these options aren't so good so I discovered pin boards and photo wires were best for displaying multiple photos. Photo frames are great but generally only allow for certain sizes or numbers of photos. The packaging that LALALAB uses is also gorgeous so I even cut parts of it out to feature on my pin board. 

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