DepSoc Travels: Amber's Croyde Escapade

In continuation of my 'Amber's London Escapade' (linked) from February (side note: HOW FAST is this year going?!), I thought I should post from another trip I went on, albeit a longer one!

Within my mum's group of friends, every year there has been a trip to the beautiful seaside town of Croyde, and this year was the first that I have gone to. It truly is a beautiful place, on the coast of Devon, and we were blessed with not too horrific (for England) weather! Most of my photos seem to be taken while it's cloudy, but there, typically, were some days that were baking and I got burnt, others that were ferociously windy, and still others that were rainy.

I really wish I knew how to surf, but it's one of the struggles of living in the literal centre of a country! It was still so nice to see everyone else surfing, and I must thank my unknowing models above ^

I have been feeling absolutely horrible with exam stress recently, and wasn't even sure that I would go, but then decided that perhaps it would be more beneficial to my mind to get a break for 5 days and escape to the sea. This sounds like rather a romantic idea but I didn't actually make the decision until a day and a half before we left!

Here are some edgy photos of me taking photos, and I seem to be very fond of the left side of the frame lmaoooo, but it was so beautiful I could not resist taking my camera. I loved walk to the beach with my friend India, who is a farrrrr better photographer than I am and just being able to take a whole bunch of photos.

I told you it was warm enough to wear shorts! The story behind this photo is that I *severely* burned my feet in the sun for about 2.4 seconds, but they were lobster red and flaming hot... so at about 8pm I decided to cool them down. I feel slightly as if I look like a bird trying to take off, but a very enthusiastic one!

I returned home tired but with a clearer head, so I'd recommend to everyone feeling a little fuzzy to get outside and clear your mind a little <3