Has Amber Lost All Her Political Beliefs?

The long and short of it is: no, obviously not! However, if you'd been reading the blog waiting for an emotional, lengthy essay on my political beliefs, some impassioned piece on electorate participation, you'd have sadly been disappointed.

This is probably for a few reasons. Firstly, I had so many conflicting thoughts on what was going on. I was outraged and confused as to what would happen and cheering on certain people who were doing well, and I felt as if I couldn't articulate these into a piece that would be understandable and wouldn't misrepresent myself or the policy that I would have chosen to comment on. It's not as if I became politically disengaged, on the contrary, in person I offered plenty of healthy debate, but I found it difficult for whatever reason to actually produce something.

Secondly, I feel that, especially in the format of a written opinion piece, it feels as if it's an extension of the currently-on-hiatus 'Amber Rants' series (only on a hiatus because I'm less bored and more zen and can't really find much to rant about). Sure, maybe it doesn't matter at the moment, as our blog is still growing, but I want to start as I mean to go on. I've been thinking of how I could perhaps make it seem less like I'm forcing my views on you, and more like a presentation of what I think in a more open and encouraging-of-discussion way, since I do debate and it just seems a little ironic for me to present a closed essay.

I don't care if people know my political views (I actually love Jeremy Corbyn so much), but I respect that our audience would not necessarily share my views, and I think it's hypocritical to stand for free speech, but only if they align with one's own views. This is a particular facet of entitlement that I often see and always hate, no matter how much I oppose the view.

Added to all of this, I have had exams and exam stress and exam revision and... yeah, you can get the picture. It seems as if I've been in a hamster wheel of constantly studying, then taking the exam I have been studying for, then studying for the next. Especially having been ill this year, I have definitely felt the pressure, and almost all the rest of my time has been given over to sleeping and watching mind-numbing programs to unwind. This is also why you might have seen our post amount drop a fair bit.

Sooooo, the overall thing is that I'm probably going to work on a different way of doing election commentary for the next time one rolls around (soon by all accounts) and feel free to leave a comment with some advice. I'm thinking maybe of taking the stance newspapers and magazines do of an endorsement, and then possibly posting various people's views.