LookFantastic Beauty Box // June 2017

I know it's fairly late in the month for me to upload this, and if you saw my insta post I gave a *sneak preview* of what was in the LookFantastic box this month. The theme this month is 'Wanderlust' and I could imagine travelling with most of these products, particularly the facial pads. Without further ado, here's my review!

This is bright, bright silver, so I would probably only use it as a highlighter very lightly/at a festival. However, I do think it's a lovely pigment for the eyes. It's also quite expensive for a single, at £10, when for highlighters I tend to prefer Makeup Collection which is a fabulous brand as well as quite inexpensive, and for eyeshadows, I use Benefit palettes or Bourjois usually.

I usually use the Nip and Fab bee sting pads, although they can be a little harsh, so I was pleasantly surprised by these pads, which have an exfoliating side yet aren't too drying.

There is nothing about this lipstick that I actually like: the colour is too pale and patchy, it has a sickly scent, it feels tacky and horrible, and it kind of hurts. Needless to say, I took it off after less than 2 minutes and settled for an arm swatch.

I've been gradually balayage-ing my hair since December (I am not committed enough to fully bleach it or anything, but needed something to lighten my hair which was untouched by the sun as I was ll) which is gorgeous but has turned it from crazy oily to normal/dry. My salon uses this brand, as does my mum, and this shampoo is so nourishing. 

If you have read any of these posts before (which you can do by clicking on the series' cover photo at the top) you'll know my opinion on waters, specifically those for the face. I guess this one smells nice at least.

This is *really* good for combination skin. Recently I've been stressed, and so my skin has been very spotty on the chin and lower cheeks, but dry across the cheekbones and around the nose, and thi shas tackled both problem areas nicely.