Clearing your head - why is it worth doing and how to go about it?

A lot of the time, we end up with a lot of overwhelming thoughts and feelings our minds are not able to deal with. We feel anxious. We panic. We often cry too for no reason, even if we might have had a great day and really don’t want to be upset. All of those things are okay to feel at a point where your thoughts and feelings seem to be taken over, but we all want to get over that scary and slightly annoying phase and just move on. Happiness is certainly possible regardless of how low of a point you might have reached.

The first step in clearing your head in a situation where absolutely everything is triggering and upsetting, despite people’s efforts to cheer you up, is realising that you are overwhelmed.

When you accept the fact that your little mind is incapable of coping with everything at once that is when you can have a plan and move further. The more you tell yourself anything along the lines of “I will be fine” or “I can handle this without really reacting to it and doing much” the further away you put it and the worse it gets (trust me, I have been there and acceptance is certainly the better option).

It is then worth taking a moment to write down or just simply think through what has happened in a particular period of time which caused you to feel so overwhelmed.

Writing everything down, even if you will throw that sheet of paper away soon, is useful because it then becomes easier to piece things together and adequately tackle it step by step. Once you see the triggers in your life think of whether they are major and require your attention or whether it is a big bundle of small things which have bottled up for a while. In the case of the latter it is worth listing all of the little issues down, whether in your mind or on paper to free you mind, and address them one by one. Little by little everything will become a lot more clear and you will learn how to deal with similar little annoyances one by one and not bottle them up to hopefully prevent feeling bad in the future.

If you happen to discover that the reason you feel overwhelmed is contingent on something bigger, be that a turbulent relationship with someone really close to you or a long term worry over losing someone very important to you, you will need to take a slightly different approach.

What I have discovered for myself in both of those cases is that once I have realised that I could not fix a turbulent relationship with those close to me due to different views I could teach myself to ignore bitter comments. Sure you can be upset over the little things said to you, and granted sometimes it can be so bitter you will hide away and cry, which is okay. The impact of keeping it all inside unfortunately does no good and only causes damage. If you are a little too responsive to people’s bitterness, like myself, it is often worth taking some time to think about what you say and how you say it - that way you will eliminate the bitter reaction you might have faced earlier.

In the case of fearing the loss of someone, which in my case was not due to death or anything as tragic, but the simple thought of separation is also a little different. Overthinking only does harm in that case and can potentially lead to self-blame to the point where you are choking on your own thoughts.

The best lesson I have learnt for myself is that it will cost you nothing to have a chat with the person you value so much over how you feel - they often see how you feel and worry about you just as much. If reassurance is something you already enjoy or have been able to achieve then the situation you are in comes down to you being able to convince yourself that you are both safe and if anything goes wrong and you part you will continue smiling when thinking about that special someone because they have had so much of an impact to deserve a special little space in your heart and mind.

Overthinking and feeling overwhelmed are the two things we all often experience, but they are not the kind of things any of us should seek to preserve within us. It is okay to wonder and cry, but when it takes over you, it is like being trapped in a cage where your emotions are the strings pulled by an unknown force and you spend your time swimming in the lake of sadness and tears. It happens but it is vital to be aware of it otherwise you will find yourself drowning and reaching the bottom of the sea with nobody by your side. If you aren’t taking care of your mind and feelings for anyone and are missing a stimulus do it for yourself because enjoying the magic of happiness is far more enjoyable than slowly drowning due to self destructive habits.