DepSoc Travels: Corfu

I have been in Corfu for the last 8 days and, you may have noticed from my insta posts, had a FAB time. I'm not normally the type to do adventurous things; previous family holidays have mostly been either very cultural or very remote. However, this year we went to a cute little tourist trap in North Corfu, one of the Greek islands.

It was also my first holiday with just a friend and myself and we booked through Thomson (also known as Tui). The holiday was very cheap, as we booked back in March or April, and our accommodation, while comfortable, was cheap and cheerful too.

My summer books consisted of 1984 and The Diary of a Provincial Lady, both very good, and picked up from the airport. I also borrowed Cloud Atlas, but didn't get onto reading it while I was on holiday, as the others kept me occupied.

In terms of adventurous things that I did, I jumped off a freaking cliff!!!! I'm scared of heights (or maybe that should be past tense) but I decided it was a now or never moment, and just leapt - having safely assessed the situation and after watching a much larger man not die while doing the same. This was in the beautiful Canal d'Amour, which had a stunning bay as well.

I also got to drive a speedboat, and sea kayak, as well as being a little posey! The actual area we were staying in had some beautiful coastlines and caves to explore, and the hotel was situated only a short, but pretty, walk from the beach.

In an effort to save money, we had lunch at the hotel (usually a v nice toastie) and then would do activities or lounge by the pool and get dinner out every night. I loved the Greek food we got to try, and my favourite dish was probably the Corfiot favourite 'pastitsada' (pictured), which was so good!

On the penultimate evening, we went to the old Corfu Town, which is also the capital. It reminded me more of Italy than Greece and was beautiful. However, I did feel as if it was slightly oversold, as the things that we were told about were slightly more disappointing or smaller than the hard sell promised. I was not disappointed overall though, and enjoyed a huge slice of very good pizza, as well as a smoothie from a massive fruit shop.