DepSoc Travels: Witley Court

The other day, we went to Witley Court, as we don't see each other that often, having had loads of exams, and we wanted to go somewhere nicer than just into the city to go shopping and get a coffee. So, Klar picked me up (having parked HILARIOUSLY, read: badly) from my house in the morning, and we stopped off to get a picnic lunch before we reached the court.

We managed to catch the fountain, which is on every half an hour, and obviously had to stand next to it to show how huge it was! This is a fairly photo-heavy post, but I thought it would be nice to show the contrast of the beautiful manicured grounds and the ruined building.

Klara had brought a fab Canon camera, but the majority of these photos were taken on my trusty phone, as I had forgotten my own one. It's an English Heritage site so you do have to pay, but thankfully we had a student discount (and it's only about £10 anyway).

After our picnic lunch we had intended to go to the tea room at Witley Court, but forgot, and so sang along loudly to early 2000s Jason Derulo all the way back into town, where we grabbed a coffee. I thought it was really nice to get outside and sit in the sun, exploring the beautiful grounds and house of Witley Court.