DepSoc Travels: Germany - July 2017

As my mum is German I have quite a lot of family in Germany so I try to visit them as much as possible. This month I took my boyfriend with me and we had a great few days there sightseeing and shopping :)

Day 1, Hannover:

We landed in Hannover and spent the day sightseeing with my Aunt. Hannover has an easy to follow line painted on the walkways which leads tourists around the main sights of the city. The building pictured is the town hall which was particularly impressive to look at!

Day 2, Lüneburg:

Family friends invited us out for brunch in Lüneburg on our second day, and we spent the afternoon wandering around the town. It's a beautiful historic town known for it's salt mines and ice cream shops! It's one of my favourite places in Germany and I was really excited to show it to James. There's so many cobbled streets and pretty old buildings.

Day 3, Hamburg:

Hamburg is an amazing city and James and I explored it thoroughly. We even took a boat ride through the harbour after visiting the Speicherstadt, Chilehaus, Old Elbe Tunnel and Elbphilharmonie. We also briefly looked at the town hall before we grabbed lunch and did some shopping on the Mönckebergstraße. Luckily we managed to avoid the G20 demonstrations and protests.

Day 4, Salzwedel:

Salzwedel is another historic town in my local area of Germany with beautiful coloured houses as pictured above, but the main reason we visited was the famous tree cake baked there (unfortunately eaten too quickly to photograph). It's made by drizzling batter over a spit and creates layers that look like the rings of a tree. Yummy!

Day 5, Uelzen/Bad Bevensen:

Unfortunately I have no photos of our fifth day as we spent our time shopping and swimming which doesn't make for especially interesting pictures, but we still had great fun in both a salt spa pool and a regular one (with a pretty cool slide).

Day 6, Our last day :( :

I never want to leave Germany when the time comes and today was no different, but I still had a lovely day in the sun with my boyfriend and my doggo!