Best Bits About Summer Jobs

The past 4 weeks have been an extremely busy time for me, as I have been working a summer job. This has been exhausting and time consuming and demoralising, but I want to remember this as a positive experience so I am going to do a blog post about the wonderful things that have happened.

  1. Co-workers! In my case, lots of my co-workers were my friends from school but I also had the opportunity to get to know and befriend many other wonderful people.
  2. Money, after all that is the reason why we work! It means we have the funds to experience things and buy things and have a great summer.
  3. The lack of boredom that can only come from being preoccupied 24/7, unusual during the summer.
  4. A fantastic night's sleep after an exhausting day. This is so underrated!
  5. In my case, my boss. She was wonderful and took good care of me while I was working, made it an absolute pleasure.
  6. The cleaners! In my experience anyway, cleaners are lovely. I thoroughly enjoyed chatting with them and learning about the weird things they see in the school boarding house (vagina cream in a boy's room?????)
  7. The independence that you get from having your OWN money rather than living off funds from your parents.
  8. Never has a shower made me feel so much cleaner than after a long day of forest school and it felt wonderful.
  9. Knowing the rest of the summer is ahead of me! I'm so excited, hopefully I'll do a blog post soon on my summer plans :)