Depsoc Travels: Boardmasters 2017

This Monday I returned from Newquay after an amazing weekend at Boardmasters with my friends from school. Since I had so much fun, I decided to write a blog about the experience (after a few days recovery).

We arrived on Wednesday evening and set up out tents etc. Since the festival didn't officially start until Thursday it wasn't too busy, and we decided to check out the silent disco which turned out to be amazing fun. I'd never been to one before so it was also a bit of a novelty.


On Thursday we had a beach day because the acts didn't start until Friday and we got lucky with the weather. I had the best time because I'm a small child inside and love splashing in the sea and running around on the sand, although I did get a rather unattractive sunburn down the middle of my head from having it in plaits!  There was another silent disco in the evening but a lot of the songs were the same as the day before which was disappointing and it got shut down at 11 so we went to bed.

On Friday it rained which gave me the opportunity to wear this wonderful cactus poncho! I also got into the festival spirit with the UV paint and bucket hat. Despite the weather I enjoyed another walk on the beach, exploring caves and walking in the ocean with my wellies on and we saw some good acts, including the headliners Two Door Cinema Club.

On Saturday we spent the day on site at the festival, sitting in the sun seeing small acts in the morning and seeing Kate Nash in the afternoon. That evening we went to see Jake Bugg who was absolutely incredible. The atmosphere was fantastic and I thought he was the best act we saw that weekend. 

I don't have any photos from Sunday, but we saw Becky Hill and Stormzy who were both phenomenal and really got their audiences going. We were getting tired by then so we spent a lot of time sitting in the onsite 'pub' called the Keg and Pasty but still really enjoyed ourselves! Overall a fantastic weekend with fantastic people.