LookFantastic Beauty Box // August 2017

This month's LookFantastic box arrived nice and early, as does this post! The box was one of the prettier ones to appear this year, with a simple design of the world map in spot UV, and a gold title of 'Global Glamour', The products inside did also not fail to impress!

This smells amazing, and comes from the really nice Greek skincare brand of Korres, which has popped up a couple of times in various boxes. It feels more like a standard lotion than a thinner body milk. but is lovely nonetheless.

This lipbalm feels so moisturising and smells amazing, and it also happens to be vegan and cruelty free. The only thing I'm not completely sure on is the actual moisturising benefit apart from the short term payoff when it's on my lips.

They say ('they' being actual makeup artists that know what tf they're doing) to use eyebrow pencils 1-2 shades lighter for dark brows and 1-2 shades darker on light brows, and this is probably about that much lighter than my v dark brows. I'm not a massive brow-filler but this has a nice texture and pigmentation that makes it easy to use.

I laughed when I saw this, and then I realised that yes, actual horses use this, and yes, so do real celebrities with shiny hair like Kim Kardashian and Demi Moore. I added the sample bottles to my haircare routine, and was pleasantly surprised. Aside from the slightly odd scent it is very good at cleaning my hair and doesn't leave it too dry either!

This feels amazing on the skin, and smells lovely too. It's a little on the expensive side (£31) but it does genuinely work. I didn't realise on the first use that you are supposed to wash it off, rather than some cleansers or makeup removers such as the Simple one which doesn't require it, but I wasn't even spotty as a result.

  • Super + Original Anti-Wrinkle Beblesh Balm
At first glance on the packaging, the 'whitening' part scared me, however I'm not entirely sure after application that it is a whitening cream. I think it does brighten, and definitely looks nice over the parts I'm *terrified* of wrinkling (my bloody smile lines), as it does a good job of smoothing. I will say, however, that there's only one shade and it is quite pale, so wouldn't match a lot of skin tones.