Muji London

My relatively busy Tuesday consisted of a little trip to one of the Muji stores in London. Apart from the stationery being absolutely stunning, all of the Muji stores tend to have a very nice, minimalist atmosphere which is absolutely perfect if you want to relax a little or simply want to look at/buy gorgeous stationery you might have encountered on Tumblr.

I'd say that Muji is one of my absolute favourite stationery stores in London, primarily because the price is definitely worth the quality you get. It probably isn't the cheapest store but going there every so often became my own little reward ritual and I just generally enjoy going there for the aesthetic. Unsurprisingly, that is also the store where the majority of the study bloggers on Tumblr purchase some of their beautiful stationery, so it often is worth the trip for the aesthetic. 

During my visit today I decided to pick up two notebooks - one black and one beige, alongside a few pens, one of which was the ultra thin hexagon pen. I also purchased a bright green pen to add to my collection, as I managed to run out of green ink over the past year and needed a good quality pen to replace the old one. I plan to use one of my notebooks as a bullet journal in order to make sure that I stay organised on busy days and encourage myself to get out of bed even on days when I have less to do, by having little notes to myself and minor tasks to do. I will be documenting my bullet journal journey soon on the blog too.