My Month in 5 Photos: July

Most of my July was spent working, but I still managed to fit in a holiday and some other activities which were worth photographing so here they are!

Some of my old high school friends had a barbecue this month, which was really lovely as it meant I could see them all for the first time in months. There was a Hawaiian theme going on, but I'm not sure where the tartan hats and ginger wigs came into that?

As part of my summer job (working at a summer school), we had to entertain children 24/7. This included evening activities such as bonfires where we made smores! This was particularly good fun for the kids and the mentors.

Of course I could not post about my July without mentioning my wonderful trip to Germany! This photo shows Luneburg, one of my favourite places in the world.

My grandma spoiled me to 9 bath bombs from Lush, so on one of my evenings off I used one to relax after the long day. The one pictured is called 'Think Pink' and is gorgeously glittery, would definitely recommend! (disclaimer - this is not an ad, I have received no products or revenue from Lush for blogging about this product)

And at the end of July, my bestest pal turned 18!! Happy Birthday Smidgey!