Natural makeup look/daily makeup routine

A lot of the time, wearing a lot of makeup sounds unappealing and time consuming, especially for those of us who live very busy lives or just aren't as invested into wearing false eyelashes on a daily basis. Given the availability of makeup products at the moment, a natural makeup look can be a good way to look put together on a daily basis in a non-over the top kind of way.

The benefits of going for a natural makeup look:
As a someone who used to wear a lot of makeup on a daily basis ( both on my skin and my eyes) I noticed a substantial difference when I reduced the amount of products I was putting onto my skin and the way in which I used them. It is a well known fact that heavy products like concealer and foundation block your pores, but there is more to it. By the end of the day of wearing a lot of heavy eye makeup to go for a dramatic look your eyes look red and tired, and most probably feel tired which is of absolutely no use when you have some work to get done in the evening or simply don't want to be feeling that way. 
Moreover, even if you think that by copying a well known Instagram artists contour techniques on a daily basis you will give yourself stunning cheekbones it probably isn't so true and will look less natural during the day, meaning that you won't really achieve your purpose. It is perhaps much better to accentuate your key features without having to cover your entire face using a contouring stick. No matter how much you try to deny it your face definitely has something gorgeous about it, be that your eyes, your eyelashes, cheekbones, lips, skin, or just your entire face in general; all you need to do is pay attention.

How do I achieve my natural makeup look?
Having abandoned my time consuming heavy makeup routine I went on a little hunt for some new products, alongside keeping some of the things I have used before which provided a good mix for me.

When I begin my makeup routine I prime the more problematic areas on my face using the NYX Colour Correcting Liquid ( the green one to neutralise redness). Personally, I find this primer to be ideal for covering my rosacea on my cheeks and the more red areas around my nose and chin. After applying the product I end up with a much more even canvas to work with, which makes makeup application easier and in my case ensures that the products I apply last for longer. This has been the perfect replacement of the concealer I previously used to cover up my rosacea, as it blocks my pores a lot less and does not melt away during the summer/hotter days.

Following the step of priming I get the a single, small pump of the L'Oreal Paris True Match Foundation ( in Rose Vanilla) onto the side of my hand and apply it around my face using a brush. The foundation seamlessly blends in and doesn't leave any harsh lines behind no matter how rushed I am. It perfectly covers the primers and sits very well even without powder, which I am not a fan of myself as it seems to block my pores more.

I then use a little bit of the Rimmel Lasting Concealer ( in Porcelain) underneath my eyes and in areas where I might have a spot or more rosacea showing ( especially on a bad skin day). Having been using this concealer for a very long time I am a good test of how well it covers anything you don't want to see on your face and gives you a very nice finish. Given that the consistency of the concealer is a little heavier than that of a regular liquid concealer it is important that you blend it in well and use only a little bit as it can look overboard and can end up defining a non-existent wrinkle if used in excessive amounts. A little goes a long way!

Even though I am aware of the existence of a lot of fantastic eye brow products in the market I still use an eyeshadow of a brown-ish shade to fill in my brows if I feel like giving them a little more definition. Brows are very individual in terms of the products you can choose to use on them, however it is incredibly important to brush out the hairs after you apply to product onto the brows to ensure that they don't look incredibly drawn on and false. If you lack eyebrow hair, this step might be a little time consuming however it might be a good idea to draw a lot of little lines in places where brow hair is missing in order to create the impression of it being there and preventing the false, drawn on brows from taking over your face. 

In order to give my eyes more definition on a regular day I use a mascara which enhances the volume of my eyelashes and therefore makes my eyes stand out more. Recently, my favourite has been the Benefit They Are Real mascara in black. The product extends the length of your natural lashes and adds to their texture, thus enhancing their volume and making your eyes appear bold in a very natural way.

To make my face more defined, and enhance the visibility of my cheekbones I have been using the Sleek contour palette which has a bronze highlighter as well as three others. I use the bronze highlighter to contour my face, therefore applying it on my cheekbones and my jaw line ( as well as my forehead from time to time) in small amounts. From there I follow on with a little bit of highlighter on the apples on my cheeks in order to give my face a natural-looking glow.

Despite the suggestions above and the post itself it is important to remember than no matter how much or how little makeup you choose to wear you are beautiful and don't have to restructure your face to look like a celebrity or someone you know. It is important to embrace your individuality and the gorgeous features you have. You are a beautiful butterfly, remember that.