Savoury Breakfast Salad Recipe

This morning I decided to make a filling, savoury breakfast which turned out really well ( it was tasty, nutritious and lasted a very long time, so it was an all win situation) and I would like to share it.

What will you need?
- Kale
- One tomato
- 2 boiled eggs
- One avocado
- Half a lemon
- Pepper ( and salt, if you would like)

How to make the salad?
- Firstly, place two handfuls of kale into a frying pan, add water to it ( do not add any oil) and steam it on medium heat for about 10 minutes. Alternatively, you can use a steamer if you have access to it and the time to operate it.

- Whilst the kale is preparing and shrinking in size cut up the tomato into small square chunks and place them into your breakfast bowl. I recommend using a bowl instead of a regular plate as at the end everything will be far easier to mix together and will therefore prevent the salad from being layered.

- Now the tomato has been chopped up, it is time for the avocado. Either peel the skin of the avocado or cut it in half and take it out using a fork or a spoon. It is much easier to deal with it if you cut it up in its skin after it has been split into two ( make sure you take out the stone in the middle). Add the pieces of avocado to the bowl with the tomato chunks in it.

- Remove the eggshells off your boiled eggs and cut them into circular pieces. Add them to the mixture in the bowl.

- Take half the lemon and squeeze the juice on top of the ingredients in the bowl. Thoroughly mix everything together.

- Check if the kale is feeling much softer than before and whether the levels of water in the frying pan have reduced. If it's softer and there is less water take the kale out and place it into the bowl. Add some pepper ( and salt if you would like), and mix everything together.

Voila, now your breakfast is ready - enjoy!