Storytime: Zesty Pret Juice

Here's one of the most scintillating, beautiful and suspenseful stories you will ever hear, from the unlikeliest of sources: Pret a Manger's Lemon and Ginger Pure Pret Still.

First we have to accept the fact that this is the holy grail of non-alcoholic drinks. It is spicy, it is sweet, it is zesty. It comes at the low low price of £1.75 (semi-low) and is 500ml of utter gorgeousness - the only *slight* problem being that occasionally it leaks in my bag, spreading its radiant spice across all of my belongings.

How did I find this wondrous drink? It is a love story almost as exciting as my love for the Pret juice, where on a sunny London day (who am I kidding, it was overcast and a bit chilly and I was only wearing a skirt and short sleeved top) I was introduced to it at the Pret just off Leicester Square. I *almost* went for a still water and could have missed out, but the particular person I was with recommended it when I asked if it was nice, and thus the addiction was born.

The next exciting twist came when they decided our *thing* was no longer a *thing* and then I didn't know if the zesty drink would be too tragic to drink. Luckily I met up with Ana the following Sunday, and we decided to reappropriate the delightful lemony goodness together.

Luckily, the reappropriation proved needless as matters resolved themselves. In the interim, I consoled my smol heart by saturating myself with Lemon and Ginger Still, introduced another friend to it and then when I got back in touch with the terrible, terrible person who dared enable this habit by introducing me to this drink, I told them about my addiction. They were v supportive thankfully <3

Update: I went to London this weekend and there were NO PRET JUICES. NONE. They'd been recalled apparently, I don't know and frankly don't care, because this was horrific and I couldn't deal with technicalities. I had to message the thus-far-anonymous enabler of my Pret habit with my shock, and they were equally horrified. I think it is back now though, have no fear, you can sleep easy in your bed tonight.