Weird Things About Festivals

So this year I lost my festival virginity in style by going to first Boardmasters and then Reading. I had an amazing time at both but noticed some weird stuff that people only seem got do at festivals and decided to post about them.

  1. Bum bags. Why do we only use them at festivals??? They're so useful! And they aren't even that ugly now that they've been made all snazzy for festivals. Also, side note: boys, why do they wear them across their bodies?? That's not right?
  2. Glitter. At festivals, everyone goes out COVERED in the stuff but everywhere else you have to be under the age of 6 to get away with it. 
  3. The lack of clothes! Even when it's cold everyone goes shirtless. I have never seen so many barrettes in my life.
  4. Drinking before 10am. Need I say more?
  5. The disgusting state of the toilets. I understand that portaloos are never going to be nice because it's literally a plastic box full of poo but what kind of weirdos wrap their used sanitary towels around the flush handle????
  6. The diet. Where else would you eat 3 burgers a day for 5 days in a row?
  7. Blow up sex dolls in the crowds???????????
  8. Bucket hats. I must admit, I am a fan of them, but why do people only wear them at festivals
  9. Sequins. See glitter.
  10. Rain ponchos. Normally, we'd use a coat or an umbrella (both far more effective) but for some reason we go to festivals and suddenly a tiny square of plastic seems a better option.
  11. Temporary tattoos. Again, usually for small children!

This being said, I was all about embracing this surreal life, 10/10 would recommend.