LookFantastic Beauty Box // September 2017

Hello friends, and welcome to the 1 year anniversary post of this series! Sorry for the deelay, but I have recently returned to state-mandated education (sixth form) and it's been a little hectic. Anyway, here's this month's LFBeautyBox, which I have had even longer to test out before this post, so I hope you enjoy.

I think this might be my *favourite box ever*. Yes. I loved every product in this box and thought it was utterly fab. The theme was 'the birthday box' which is interesting, since it's the birthday of the blog and also mine is coming up in the next month!

This is a really nice and lightweight cream, although I much prefer the cocoon cream from the same brand, so it's one of those things that will just never match up! 

These colours are divineeeeeeeeeeee. I have swatched the fourth colour from the quad, however it matches the colour on the inside of my arm, so isn't the most noticeable, however you can really see how gorgeous and pigmented these colours are. The brush is also super fluffy and very pretty!

This terrified me when I opened it up and saw the colour... but it turns out to be a very sheer, buildable wash of colour. My one problem with it is that the tone makes it look slightly like a poop, but it can provide a nice contour, as well as sitting well on the skin.

This is yet another of my tragique products that are v expensive, but *amazing*. The scent is divine, it actually bloody works, and is gentle and moisturising and very good at cleansing too. 10/10 would recommend and if I win the lottery I'll buy a huge supply of this.

This product is a little... weird. It starts out as a dark brown paste that feels like an exfoliator, but as you run it through your hair it begins to lather. It left my hair feeling soft and voluminous, as well as smelling gorgeously of roses, but unfortunately my hair has been very odd (greasy and dry and all over the shop) this month as a result of hormone changes, so I'm not qualified to say if it actually works.

Finally, there was this lollipop, which just seemed to tie everything together. After some more disappointing boxes earlier in the year, I was so so happy to unbox and try these gorgeous products this month!