Stationery purchases

About a week ago I decided to go on a stationery shopping trip to buy everything I needed in order to stay organised and encourage myself to keep working. On my trip I went to both Ryman and Muji in central London and below are the things I have purchased. Enjoy.

To start with, here comes a test of all the pens I have purchased on my trip. I decided to go for quite a few coloured pens rather than buying just black, navy and blue pens from Muji because although they are nice, the coloured pens are a far better investment if you are looking to invest into one of the two or want to prioritise one over the other as they last longer and feel great to write with. Those of you who enjoy diagrams and colour coding, these pens are wonderful and are definitely worth investing into if you are a colour fan. The thinner writing at the very top of the image represents a test of the new 0.25 hexagon pen which i decided to purchase from Muji. It is very easy to write with and is incredibly thin. If you are looking for something thinner than the 0.38 pens from Muji then perhaps this is worth giving a try. All of the other pens on this page come in 0.5 thickness and are smooth, not overly thin and are very nice to write with.

Here is a little test of the pastel Stabilo highlighters which I purchased from Ryman. I personally prefer the pastel highlighters to the neon ones released by Stabilo because the colours are much nicer and have much more soothing tones, which makes them perfect on a day when I feel more stressed. The colours produced by this brand are generally incredibly good as they tend to last the entire year if not longer and do not get dry over a short period of time. Overall, I feel like the aesthetic and the practical benefits of them make these highlighters worth the investment.

Aside from my pens I have also decided to purchase some other stationery which I would categorise as "the usual" as those are the supplies everyone purchases before the start of every new academic year; pens, rubber, ruler, you name it. I also decided to purchase a clear pencil case for this year as I feel like that is what works best for me due to the fact that I can see all of my supplies and easily get what I need or identify what I need to put into my pencil case. I purchased this particular pencil case from Ryman, however you can get it from Ebay or Amazon too.

I purchased the same planner from Muji last year and absolutely fell in love with it. The reason why I think that Muji planners work so well is because they are incredibly minimal, aesthetic but are nonetheless very effective in allowing you to note down everything you need to keep in check. This year the company also included a burgundy bookmark which is useful at helping you find the page you are on ( this becomes very handy as the year progresses) and therefore stops you from having to flick through the pages in an attempt to note down homework, reading or a meeting.

Another reason why I absolutely adore my Muji planner is because it is perfect for the school year as it starts from September. I feel like the fact that it starts from September rather than January makes it a useful tool in terms of allowing you to mark the start of your school year as a fresh start. Moreover, it also prevents you from having to replace your planner midway through the academic year and therefore ensures that all of your tasks are kept in one place and you don't miss anything out due to it being in your old planner.

Here are some photos of the notebooks which I decided to purchase from Muji whilst on my trip. I decided to get a range of different notebooks - one with grid paper, one with plain paper and one with regular lined paper in order to see what works best for me. Although I decided to go digital this year in order to be able to keep up with all of the material at university I think that having a few notebooks can be incredibly useful in order to maintain your own lists and notes, having a gratitude journal or just random thoughts you feel like noting down when you are stressed or anxious. I have personally found that writing on paper has helped me get my mind in order on days when I was feeling less good during the academic year and would once again say that keeping regular notebooks at hand is always useful. The Muji notebooks are my personal favourites because they look very simple and therefore don't make me feel like my life is more and more cluttered but also have incredibly soft paper which is nice to write on when you feel like picking up a pen and paper. 

 Lastly, I also purchased some folders before the start of this new academic year alongside some dividers which I find very useful at helping me separate information within my folders and therefore make the large ring binders easier to navigate. I purchased both my folders and dividers from Ryman as their folders tend to last a long time period and look nice and presentable. I purchased the regular folders sold at Ryman, all in different colours in order to assign them to different subjects and therefore make my system of organisation easier to navigate.