Sweet and Sour chicken recipe

Today I will be sharing my own recipe for sweet and sour chicken which I make from time to time.

- Chicken breast ( I used 3 fillets but feel free to use more if you are making a lot)
- Sharwood's Sweet & Sour cooking sauce ( I pick it up from Tesco but I am sure other supermarkets offer it too)
- 1 Aubergine
- 2 courgettes
- Salt and pepper ( and spices of choice)


1. Firstly, cut the chicken breast fillets into small, square chunks. This way the pieces will be able to cook quicker and will absorb more sauce. Place the chicken into a frying pan which should have some oil on it and add half a cup of water. The water will make the chicken softer and the dish will taste nicer ( don't worry, nothing is going to happen to the sauce).
2. Immediately after you deal with the chicken, add either a single jar of the sweet and sour sauce or two jars. I usually use two because that way there is more sauce to then go on the rice and I generally prefer it that way but if you are not a fan of an abundance of the sauce, feel free to play around with this step. Mix everything together and let it cook in the pan.

3. Whilst your chicken is cooking with the sauce, it is the time to chop up the aubergine and courgettes. Chop up the courgettes into thin circular pieces and the aubergine into half circular shapes ( it is best if both are thin). Add everything to the frying pan and leave to cook.

4. After 20-25 minutes the dish should be ready. Note: it is okay, and in fact better to add water along the way to make it more of a steamed dish than a fried one. Feel free to add more spices of your choice ( paprika works particularly well as well as some pepper) to add extra flavour.