15 Gift Ideas on a Budget

As a student I have been having to stick to a strict budget this year, and as someone who gets wayyyy to excited for Christmas I have already done all of my Christmas shopping so I have found loads of cute gifts for under £10. If you are a normal person, you are probably starting your Christmas shopping in the next few weeks, so these might be helpful to you.

  1. Anything labelled as a 'stocking filler'. These sections in shops are my favourites! So many exciting and reasonably priced items to discover, I love it!
  2. Makeup. Many brands like sleek do good quality make up for a low price, I particularly recommend their highlighter palettes!
  3. Anything from Tiger. My favourite shop ever, you can so much for just a fiver.
  4. Cute mugs with hot chocolate. I recently bought one for myself from New Look (pictured below) and I am in love with it.
  5. Gift sets. This may sound obvious but they're nice to get, that's why they're sold everywhere.
  6. Fluffy socks, because December is cold.
  7. A good book. This doesn't work for everyone, as some people don't read or have different tastes in books to you but I always appreciate a good chick lit or crime novel to get my teeth into while I digest my Christmas dinner.
  8. Jewellery. Almost all girls like it and you can get some really cute stuff for not very much. (Fat Face always has quite cute earrings for under £10).
  9. Pyjamas because they're cosy.
  10. Anything from the body shop/lush. This can get pricey but there are always some affordable things to be found and they smell so good.
  11. Anything from Paperchase. I love stationary so much and I know my friends all feel the same so cute notebooks, fluffy pens and adorable Christmas decorations are ideal.
  12. Christmas decorations. Very festive, not too pricey and look pretty.
  13. A photo frame with a nice photo in it. Cheap but so so thoughtful, especially if you write a cute card about what the photo means to you.
  14. A scrapbook - lots of time, barely any money. 
  15. Fairy lights. So so pretty!