Good and Cheap Makeup Products

A few days ago I decided to purchase some things from Kiko and Collection. I bought a bronzer and a lip plumper as I needed both of those products ( especially the bronzer) and have been very happy with my purchases.

Firstly I'll talk about the lip plumper. I came across this product from Kiko a while back when looking for alternatives to the Dior lip plumper. The product comes in a nice glass-looking tube and has a clear colour to it which is great if you want to put some lipstick or lip gloss on afterwards. When you apply the product it has a nice tingly feeling to it, which is not too intense ( I have come across products which didn't feel so great on my lips before). Moreover, I really enjoy the creamy texture of the product , which also makes my lips very soft and healthy-looking. Overall, I think the product is great if you're looking for a light plump and healthy-looking lips afterwards. However, it is worth noting that this product , like many others, won't make your lips humongous ( it will simply enlarge them and make them more plumped up) so this might not be ideal if you're looking for the "Botox injection" effect. I think given the very budget price of this plumper ( it was only £5.60) I'd recommend it in that aspect too. 

I don't know if many people know about Collection makeup ( it's sold in super drug and boots) but it's such a great budget brand. I had this bronzer a while back but did not repurchase as I was trying different products from Sleek and Benefit. I must say though , that this remains my favourite bronzer. As they have a few available, I decided to purchase the mosaic one as it incorporates a few shades and tones and suits my skin tone well. I like this bronzer for the following reasons. Firstly, it doesn't look orange on my pale skin , but simply highlights my cheekbones and gives my jawline more definition. Secondly, it's not overly pigmented which allows for neat application and does not result in my face looking too bronzed. Thirdly, it's ridiculously cheap; I purchased the bronzer for £2.99 on Black Friday , but the normal price is £3.99, which works super well if you're trying something new or want to spend less on makeup but still look good. Although I have very sensitive skin I have not experienced any breakouts or an increase in blackheads/ congested pores following the use of this bronzer, which is always a win. Overall, I definitely recommend this product as despite the fact it's cheap it works incredibly well.