The Ordinary Skincare - Review

After doing extensive research on it, I decided to give The Ordinary a try. The reviews I came across online seemed to suggest that it was a fantastic and affordable brand, so there was really nothing stopping me. 

I decided to choose two products - The AHA 30% + BHA 2% peeling solution and the Azelaic acid suspension 10%. I chose the products because they were exactly what I needed at this point and I wanted to try something different but possibly useful to my skin. 

Now, you're probably thinking "Those are acid solutions, won't they burn my skin?". That's exactly what I thought when I first came across the brand online. Although both products include acid in their solutions the proportion of acid is small enough to be safe on your skin, which means that it does not get burned even by the stronger solutions. Moreover, given that our skin is also acidic ( I didn't know this when I first started my research) there's a range of p.H values which are completely safe to use and cause no damage. 

Firstly I'll discuss the peeling solution. One of the reasons as to why I decided to invest in this product is because scrubs have not been very effective on my face recently and made my skin quite flaky. A chemical scrub seemed like a better alternative. I was very happy with the cleansing properties of the solution, as all of my blackheads magically dissolved and I suddenly had clear skin after using the product. Although I was initially cautious about this product due to having quite sensitive skin, I was very impressed with the fact that my face looked clear, bright and healthy after using this product. Moreover, after using the solution a few times I have recognised that it also makes my skin look brighter due to removing the old and dull-looking skin cells on my face. Overall, the product was perfect at doing what it promises to do and was very affordable. I highly recommend it.

The second product I purchased was no less impressive than the first one. Given the relatively strong concentration of the first solution, I decided to purchase something similar but less concentrated. The cream promises to brighten up the skin and break down the blackheads around your face. After using the solution for a week ( both morning and evening) I definitely noticed significant changes on my face, due to it being brighter and the skin tone growing more even. Moreover, the number of blackheads on the face also significantly reduced on my face after regular use. This product is absolutely perfect as one for more regular/ daily use as it does not require you to wash it off. Overall, I was very happy with my purchase.

There is, however, one thing to keep in mind when using acidic products - it is absolutely essential to use sunscreen to prevent damage by the sun ( even in the winter months) and protect your face. 

I purchased these products from the DECIEM store in Covent Garden, London, however, you can order them online via ASOS as well as other online stores.