My Month in 5 Photos: November 2017

November is always a good month for me because it is my birthday at the end of it. This year was very different because it was the first time I spent the day away from my family, but never the less I still managed to make some good memories this month.

Some of you may have read my review of this book early in the month, and if you did you will known that I loved it so I had to feature it on my month in 5 photos. Check out the review if you haven't already!

Obviously James visited again this month, and due to the sudden drop in temperature I had to get my hat out for our trips outside. We still had a lovely time though!

Although I had already finished my Christmas shopping, I went with my mum to do some of hers while I was home this month. Because I'm a little bit weird, I honestly spent about 10 minutes cracking up at this Santa costume for a cat.

As mentioned before, my birthday is in November. This was my birthday balloon.

I went home for a birthday meal and this photo of me and my brothers just kind of sums up how happy I was about that. Linus also particularly loved that balloon.