Review: Lush Bath Products I Used Over Christmas

So since I've been at university I haven't had regular access to a bath. This Christmas that has changed so I have tried to use as many bath bombs/oils/bubble bars as possible while I'm home. I also got given a few for Christmas and my birthday so I have a good starting point (this is the reason why lots of the prices are unknown, sorry). Review posts seem to go down well on the blog, so I thought I'd do one to post when I'm back at uni, especially since this gives me an excuse to splurge in Lush! *Disclaimer: this is not an ad, Lush have not sponsored this post in any way.*

Luxury Lush Pud - £4.50

This bath bomb was colourful, smelled amazing and didn't leave too much of a mess in the bath. I was super happy with how pretty it was and that I didn't have to scrub glitter/jelly/sequins out of the tub afterwards. The only complaint I had was that it went a weird orange colour that I wasn't fond of when it had dissolved. 8/10.

Lord of Misrule Bath Bomb - £?

This bath bomb smelled really refreshing, even in the bag. When I first put it into the water it was underwhelming, just a slow spread of green. However, once it had dissolved enough for the pink core to seep out that changed. This was honestly one of the prettiest bath bombs I have ever used, and the surprise made it even more exciting. 10/10.

Bewitched Bubble Bar - £?

Sadly I think this product may only be available around halloween, but it's worth a purchase if you see it. The cat shape is super cute and it gives a really bubbly bath with cool black coloured water. The smell isn't that interesting and the instagram worthy bath photos are a no go but if you want to give yourself a soap beard this is fab. 8/10.    

Golden Wonder Bath Bomb - £?

I loved that this bath bomb was shaped like a present - perfect for Christmas. It smelled lemony and gave the water a golden glittery hue after it had been dissolved which was gorgeous. I also loved the bright turquoise colour that the water went, as turquoise is my favourite colour and thought that the little swirls of purple were cute too. 9/10.

Intergalactic Bath Bomb - £4.50

This is my absolute favourite bath bomb. It smells refreshing, gives a beautiful pattern that looks like a galaxy and leaves the water a gorgeous dark glittery turquoise that gives the illusion of bathing in a night sky. I always choose this bath bomb if I am going to give them away as gifts because it is so pretty and leaves you smelling so good. 10/10.

Cloak of Invisibility Bath Oils - £2.50

This oil smells amazing! Really fresh and fruity with floral undertones. Almost like a clementine or a satsuma. I also really liked the cute way it was packaged, like a hardboiled sweet or something. The bath water also went a really pretty pale orange colour. I'm not sure how this was named as I can't see a connection but still loved it. 10/10.