Review: My Paperchase Haul

I recently ordered a few things from Paperchase, and I am super happy with them so I thought I would write a review (because I'm a stationery nerd and it makes me happy).


I'm nearly at the end of my current scrapbook so I thought I would order a new one. This one looks so pretty and it's a great size. I'm not a fan of the brown pages, but I'm still super happy with it. I'm so excited to get started on it. 8/10.

Mr Men Stickers:

I love these! They're super cute and make decorating my scrapbook fun and easy. The stickers also stick really well unlike lots of novelty stickers, which makes a nice change. They also make me feel nostalgic for my childhood. 10/10.

Cactus Stickers:

These are also adorable! I've already started using these on my scrapbook and I love them. Again, they actually stay stuck too. Amazing. 10/10.

Unicorn Stickers:

I've had unicorn stickers from Paperchase before and they were the cutest things ever, but these weren't as adorable. Still good as stickers though. 8/10.

Teddy Bear Pencil Topper Rubbers:

These were so cute! A little heavy for writing with but still really sweet. They came in 4 colours, pink, blue, purple and green. I've kept a couple for myself and the rest will be gift toppers for my friends. 9/10.

Gift Tags (Set of 5):

These are really pretty, a good size, and a thick card that you can write with fancy pens on. I love the design, and they were a good price. 10/10.

Purple Gel Pen:

Yes, that is one of the Teddy pencil toppers on it. This is a great colour, writes smoothly and doesn't leak everywhere. 10/10.

Gift Tags (Set of 10):

These were actually too small, and not as pretty as I thought they would be. I have used them as decorations in my scrapbooks instead of using them as gift tags, so they weren't a complete waste. For just a name and no message, they'd be fine. 8/10.

Mother's Day Card:

Unfortunately I'm stupid, so I already sealed this before I took a photo but you can see it in the picture of the box. It's really pretty and my mum is going to love it. It also comes with a protector for your card which is a great idea! 10/10.

Elephant Postcard:

I bought this for the scrapbook I'm making for my boyfriend, and I love it. The design is really adorable and the card is super thick so if you wanted to send it in the post it wouldn't be easily damaged. 10/10.

You're My Happy Place Postcard:

Again, this card was for my boyfriend's scrapbook and again I loved it. It had the same good properties as the elephant card. 10/10.