Review: Pitch Perfect 3

SPOILERS of what little plot there is.
This may actually be one of the worst films I have seen. Yes.

I actually thought that Pitch Perfect 1 and 2 were good - the latter being the best of the series, and so I went into the cinema expecting something that was funny, frothy and contained a bunch of good songs to play on repeat from the Spotify soundtrack. I watched it with a group of friends, in the perfect setting and ready to have a fun evening.

However, let’s pretend that the Pitch Perfect universe is canon. It’s a newly-shit universe but let’s nonetheless accept the plot etc, in order to pick out the numerous holes in it.

The problems I had with this film:

1) It is supposed to be about an a cappella group. WHY then do they spend the entire film debating about using instruments, dissolve the group, and then in the big *song* at the end they actually use them??

2) It seemed like a spoof parody of ‘Spy’ with Melissa McCarthy (which is hilarious in itself as it is an intentionally spoofy film) which just is not Pitch Perfect. There seemed to be very few actual songs :/

3) The format was so the same, but also do not the same. But it was all of the worst parts of each. The things that hallmarked the previous films seemed formulaic, with the standard sitting around deciding to finally move on in their lives and the riff off which seemed like just a crowd-pleaser to get out of the way,

4) The lack of competition. The whole premise is that there is some form of competition that they overcome in order to find sisterhood. The competition was to get on DJ Khalid's tour, but it didn't really drive the plot, plus they totally wouldn't have won anyway. Beca's song ended up being a rip-off of Ed Sheeran that surely every member of the group could have sung a part of rather than her using a loop pedal after completely selling out and going it alone?!

5) Very, very anti-climactic. Pitch Perfect 2 ended on such a high note, with all of the old members returning and them *conquering the world*, and then this ended on a massive disappointment, with Beca having just ‘gratuitously’ invited her BANDMATES onto the stage that she had decided to do without.

6) Randomly getting rid of Jesse, Benji and Bumper with absolutely no reason why - except 'oh yeah we broke up'. In interviews, the actors have claimed they were ready for PP3 and were not invited back.

7) Most jokes fell flat, and although I adore Rebel Wilson, she overtook Anna Kendrick as lead and her jokes became too much and it just got annoying.

Redeeming qualities of Pitch Perfect 3:

1) Anna Kendrick

2) Ruby Rose