My Month in 5 Photos: January 2018

Other than coming back to uni, nothing much has happened to me this month. I'm afraid that makes this post a little boring, but I wanted to write it anyway.

I brought the New Year in with my boyfriend and our friends at a party. It was really lovely to spend the night with such wonderful people and a very happy start to 2018.

Before I my term started again James and I tried to squeeze in as much time together as possible, even if it was just to play cards with his family or do a jigsaw with mine.

I got back to procrastinating this term, and my favourite way to do that is by taking selfies. Instagram loved this one #freethenipple.

My Christmas money combined with my student loan gave me some good shopping money this month, including the £25 I spent in Paperchase. Read about my haul here.

Of course one of the best bits about living in Bath is the buildings. The abbey is a particular favourite of mine and I stop by to look at it every time I'm in town.