Monthly Purchases: February 2018

I enjoyed making this post last month so I decided to do it again this month. I didn't buy as much this month because I have less money! But I still managed to get some cute bits and pieces, and here they are:

*Disclaimer: this is not an ad!*

Fudge Kitchen Fudge:

This fudge is insane. It's handmade with fresh cream and every flavour I have tried I have found incredible but my favourite is the salted caramel. It's so good. I bought a box of four this month because you know what? Treat yo self. (Available in store or online at Fudge Kitchen).

Bath Flamingo:

How cute is this?? I love flamingos recently and I have always loved baths so I just couldn't resist this. It matched my twilight bath bomb (available from lush!) too which made for really cute photos too. (Available from Sass and Belle or ASOS).

Flamingo Salt and Pepper Shakers:

These are adorable! Again they fit with the flamingo theme too. I have the matching mug, tea towel and bowl from this set too so I thought I would finish the collection. (Available from Sass and Belle or ASOS).

Flamingo Tweezers:

There really was a theme going on this month, and Sass and Belle has supplied the goods yet again! These are really good quality tweezers and they're so pretty that they make plucking my eyebrows an absolute treat. (Available from Sass and Belle).

Black T-Shirt:

I have been wearing a lot of black recently, and Jack Wills t-shirts are my favourite so when they had their 25% student discount I had to take the opportunity to buy myself this. Not very interesting, but I like it because it looks good on and is super soft. (Available from Jack Wills).

Wash Bag:

I mentioned this in my January purchases list, I bought them as presents and enjoyed them so much that I went back and got one for myself! Read that post here. (Available from Jack Wills).

Stripey Top:

I really love stripes, and blue is my favourite colour and Jack Wills is my favourite shop so I got this with my 25% discount. I am in love with it! My boyfriend really likes it too so that's a bonus I suppose! (Available from Jack Wills).

Pandora Suitcase Charm:

I have got a bit of a travel theme going on on my pandora bangle, so I wanted this to add to that collection! I love love love it, it's so cute and makes the bangle look a little bit more complete. Plus, I knew I was getting the passport charm from James for Valentine's Day. (Available from Pandora or House of Fraser).

Bullet Journal:

I loveeeee this. I am running out of uni assignments so I needed a project to do, and this was what I decided on. I'll be doing a whole post dedicated to this soon and the ideas I've had for it so keep an eye out for that! (Available from Paperchase).

Bunny Stickers:

EASTER IS COMING! Loooooook how cute these areeeee!!! Love love love these. I can't wait to do Easter cards this year and use these on them. (Available from Paperchase).

Unicorn Mug:

I love unicorns and I have started collecting novelty mugs since I came to uni, so when I saw this on ASOS I couldn't resist. It goes so well with the unicorn money box I bought last month, so when they're both on my desk it makes me feel so happy inside! (Available from Sass and Belle and ASOS).

Unicorn Cushion:

This has been in my ASOS saved items for ages and I was having a down day last week so I decided to treat myself. It's adorable and I love plaiting the ribbons while I watch Netflix! I also think the colours go really well with all of my sheets. (Available from Sass and Belle and ASOS).