Safari Park!

Last week Amber and I decided to visit the West Midland's Safari Park. It was a lovely day out and we both had a great time!

The first part of the safari park is the drive through area. This is where you can view animals only from your car, but often from up closer than you would in a zoo! Some species such as this very friendly giraffe can even be fed with food purchased at the entrance. There are also areas where you must keep your car shut for your safety, like the tiger enclosure, but you can still get a close look at the animals.

The camels were very nosey! But we didn't feed them because we were warned they might bite.

Next we wandered through the on foot area. We decided not to go on any rides so we had plenty or time to look at things like penguins, meerkats and the aquarium. We also had a lovely picnic in the sun.

One of my favourite parts of the day was the lemur enclosure! You can walk straight through the middle and they're very friendly. They like to say hello and take selfies like this one.

Finally, we went to see the sea lion show. This was fascinating. So much fun and very informative too. I really enjoyed the whole day, it was exciting and reasonably priced and I can return in my car for free any time this summer! Really lovely day.